Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Katherine's Nursery!

It's been quite some time since I hosted my first (and only) mood board contest.  It was a ploy to get you all to comment more, and didn't work, because I had four people enter, and three of them I knew.  Whatever, I still had a blast making Katherine's mood board.  It was a nursery! Adorable.

Mood board winner, and mom-to-be!
We delayed posting the mood board a few weeks so Katherine could tell all of her friends and family officially that she was expecting, without my tipping anyone off.  So without further adieu, this is it!

If you can't tell by now, I adore nurseries that don't look overly baby.  Enter stage left, a sophisticated, neutral, feng shui space.

I should also mention now that this nursery pint size, perfect for a pint-sized person.  This is the floor plan.

We had to forgo a chair, but that's what the other rooms of the apartment are for. This room is for changing and sleeping, plain and simple.

These are all the sources:

*Favorite crib ever.

*This isn't a changing table but I think it will work.  It's so, so amazing, I want six of them.

*I love this fabric.

*I'm not a huge carpet person but for a room this small I think it will make it feel bigger and super cozy.  Plus, given the size of the room, cheap.

*It's good to have the radio playing when the baby takes naps, that way they get used to some noise.

*Perfect for the floor, throw it over the crib, throw it in the stroller, whatever.

I wish I had this room, so I could nap in it. Enjoy your mood board Katherine, can't wait to see the nursery when it is done!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday One Brooklyn Modern!

Launched: Wayfare Magazine

Wayfare's Pilot Issue

What a great name for a magazine, Wayfare.  It makes me think of living inside a J.Crew catalogue.  Wayfare, it turns out, isn't so far off that mark.  It is a digital travel magazine with stupendous photographs, and a knack for taking advantage of their digital medium.

An explanation of all of the digital goodies.
Well lets just pick up and move to Burundi.

Reminds me of Michael Levin's photography.

South Africa, looks lovely.

Overall, it is a landscape feast.  It's missing a deep dive into food and hotels, which are the two things I get most excited about when it comes to travel, sad.  I'll still keep up with them, as the visuals and layout are so promising, plus I'm a sucker for new magazines that take full advantage of their digital medium.

Congrats to Wayfare on a wonderful launch, and a promising first issue!  I've also added their blog on the right hand side of this blog, so you'll be able to easily scope out their latest.

What do you think of the Wayfare?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Estellita's Sheer Hate

Estellita, our fiddle leaf fig, is dying.

When we came home, we found her in this condition.

Our suspicion is that the sheer we had installed that weekend deflected too much light...

We haven't quite figured out what to do about Estellita; she's lost several more leaves since that picture was taken and her prognosis seems, grim.

Our sheer, on the other hand, is wonderful.  We purchased the fabric almost a year ago at Clarence House, and it was sewn into a curtain by Mitchell, who came recommended by an upstairs neighbor.  When all was said and done, it was an expensive endeavor, but the results are fantastic and it will last for as long as we live here, and would be easily retransformed if we moved.

I darkened the photograph a little so you could see the horizontal stripes in the sheer, so unique!
Estellita does not like her new friend. 
Reading nook.
 Overall, I can't say this project was a resounding success because of the aftermath with our fiddle leaf.

We would love any advice you have for Estellita, please share in the comments field!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Project: Superior Laundry Closet

I favor projects that are free, produce zero waste, can be completed in under an hour and significantly optimize some part of our home.  Turns out, there isn't an abundance of these projects.  Or, any.

Until now.

::cues fog machine and orchestra::

Aaron was away last week on business, and while he was on his five and a half hour flight home, I devised a perfect project.  We were going to re-arrange the shelves in the laundry closet, to make space for a bar for Aaron's dress shirts to hang dry, thereby getting those shirts off of the shower rod of the hallway bathroom (excellent), and reducing our waste and expense from dry cleaning (also excellent).

I drew up some plans.

It wasn't long before Aaron arrived, dropped his bags, and I announced we were doing a project! How exciting.

While Aaron reviewed my plans, I photographed the problem:

A second bathroom that had become a semi-laundry room.  How unsightly.
And this was the laundry closet as it existed before our little project.

I wouldn't say this is a FEMA-scale disaster, but it needs improvement.
Step one, remove everything.

I wish it always looked like this!

Step two, add husband with screwdriver.

::45 minutes passes::

Step three, load the closet back up, and gleam!

Thrilled! It's a pleasure to wash Aaron's dress shirts now; they're so easy to hang up, and I'm elated we're not creating mounds of dry cleaning waste.

What do you think of the improvements? Any projects you've done recently that have been both free and wonderful in every way?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brooke Shields' Home

Brooke Shields started to bother me several years ago when she released a series of overtly serious toothpaste commercials.  In this last month's issue of Architectural Digest, they featured her home, and she is now bothering me less.

I don't think people with children really have white sofas.

Rug, coffee table, adorable art over the fireplace, love!

I've never really seen murals done well, except here.

Major fan of the orange.

I envy people who can have these drapes in their bathroom.

Well, those don't look comfortable, but I do find the creepy art interesting...
Well, that was nice.  Thanks Brooke and AD.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fiddle Leaf Figginess

This is our fiddle leaf fig, Estelita.
::techno beat::

::don't cry for me Estelita, the truth is I neeever left you::

I had to! Ok, this post is dedicated to our little girl, and her little friends.  Check'um out.

Very SoCal :)

I could imagine a small dog feeling at home here.

I need that mirrored end table...

Mmm, that basket.

A double punch!

Sisal rug, want you.

Well the fiddle leaf just makes this whole room.

Is there anything better than a big wood dining table?

Grant Gibson

This picture was our inspiration for Estelita.  We got the basket!
Elle Decor

Grant Gibson ::crush::
Well there you have it, a whole bunch of fiddle leafs that are lovely!  We'll see how we do with Estelita.  Aaron gave her green tea today because we read that will make her pleased with us.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspiration: Manhattan Brownstone

I've heard that Architectural Digest readers are, well, lets just say, very old.  I believe it, the last issue I saw had Prince Charles on the cover, in full Scottish garb.  Wink!

I do declare! ::blushes::
Anyway, I was at an airport, and had limited magazine options, so I bought it.

To my surprise, it did not suck as much as expected.  In fact, as far as the featured homes go, I would give them an exceeds expectations.

I wanted to share one of the homes, "Trey and Jenny Laird’s Revamped Manhattan Brownstone," because it won me over with that "we're the 1%" vibe of eclectic, well traveled perfection.

Thick sisal rugs, a fringed table cloth, bold black and white photographs, and a dash of color.   
Maximalism (opposite of minimalism) done right.

Gallery wall love, we should do this in our hallway...

Love the carpet over the sofa, is that sewn in?

I love sconces outside of bedrooms.  Makes me think of the red light district.

Oh, the details.

It's like a fake teenage boy's room, except it is real.

It's almost unfair.

Anyway, that was a nice surprise.  I'm very much want the bed canopy in the master bedroom.  I didn't consider doing the fabric behind the headboard and I really like it.  I think with the height of our ceilings it would work well.  I also really like the sisal carpet wall to wall.  I hate wall to wall carpet but this might but this seems to be an exception...

What do you think of the townhouse?