Saturday, March 3, 2012

Samsung's F457 Front-Loading Washer

I'm grateful our apartment came with a washer and dryer.  Our set is...well, if you'll be offended at my appearing to be less grateful than my first statement, cover your ears.

Our washer is slow.  It's waiting for the third season of Mad Men, I imagine, every single time it attempts to clean a load that would easily fit inside a basketball.  It has no timer, so it is immensely difficult to understand just how slow it will be on any occasion.  I bought it a timer, but the timer only ran for :60 minutes, and since our little cupcake takes almost two hours, the timer was rather useless.  It will only clean clothes with boiling water.  As an eco-conscious person, who is also conscious of ConEd, and their charges, I find this irritating.

As for the dryer, I have fewer complaints, other than to say that it is even slower than the washer.  It is as if there really is no drying mechanism, other than several Schnauzers, sitting inside the drum, panting.

Panter, one of the invisible Schnauzers living inside of our dryer.
Aaron recently cleaned out a second hidden filter, which seems to have reduced the drying time by zero minutes, but fixed the irritating problem of our clothes coming out damp.

If you can't tell by now, my greatest joy would be replacing our current set.  I came across's review of Samsung's F457 Front-Loading Washer, and much like the invisible Schnauzers, began to pant.

::cues ava maria::

I believe that is a digital touch screen? Oh, hello.  And here is more on that slick user interface:

It is wi-fi enabled, so you can control it with an app.  ::crying:: 

It is huge, has seven specialty cycles for delicate loads, and ::gasp:: can clean with varying water temperatures.

It has PowerFoam.  I'll explain that one.  It takes your liquid detergent, and infuses air into it, so when it goes into the wash it comes out as a foam.  I don't know if I'm the only one here who has (consistently) stained our clothes with detergent residue, but come PowerFoam, those days are over.

It has PureCycle, which is a self-cleaning mechanism that prevents the drum from ever having a mildew smell.  It runs hot water (150 degrees hot) around the drum really fast, which gets rid of all the bacteria that would cause any odors.  It requires zero additives, no harsh chemicals.  Zero Waste.

It is also whisper quiet, and doesn't vibrate, so it isn't a problem to have it located outside a bedroom, which ours is.

For more drool-worthy features, see Samsung's website.

Well, the least we can say is that this puts our current washer to shame, many, many times over.  It will be a few years before we make the massive investment in a new washer (and dryer) but I am elated to see what lies in store.