Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pinterest Love: Grant Gibson

This is Grant Gibson.  I follow him on Pinterest, along with 366 other like-minded people with excellent taste.  I encourage you to join us, because Grant is a world class pinner.

See example of "G", the name of his general interior design board.  I can only assume G stands for Greatness.

It's a soothing wash of neutral, timeless spaces, like these...

After weeks of seeing his frequent and phenomenal choices on my Pinterest home page, I started to develop this feeling that Grant might be a little less mortal than the rest of the interior design loving Pinterest people.  I was right.  I Googled Grant, and he is a real designer.  Like, gets asked to design an Elle Decor concept house, cough cough.

Of course, his concept house was amazing.

I went nuts over this rug, which we need, immediately.  Of course it is from The Rug Company, which means it costs more than a car, which means it is not happening.  Sadness.

I love those industrial lights, and the wooden salad bowl, and the chairs, and the glass bottle on the table used to pour water, which we own, and use to pour water, #winning.

It's basically a shot of our dining table, minus the egg cups.

Ok this was the real treat.  Grant wallpapered the backsplash of the kitchen in Chinese menus.  This is hilarious.  But in that muted, dark, New Yorker sort of way, that we just get.

Thanks Grant, for being a continual source of inspiration.  And now, you should follow Grant, and check out his blog.

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