Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let There Be Light: Joss & Main!

I'll preface this post by saying that I got all four of my wisdom teeth out yesterday, and I'm on a lot of pain medication, which makes me feel like I'm bathing in warm puppies, so forgive me if the writing this afternoon is a wee bit sauced.

Dr. Lustman's handiwork.
Aaron made plenty of jokes about DrLustman's name, so mature.

Speaking of bathing in warm puppies, meet Sophie.

Sophie, being a little inappropriate.

Sophie is our pint sized building celeb, boasting 1,944 Facebook fans at the time of this post.  Work it girl.  Her caretakers are Kirstin and Jason, who we also adore like warm puppies.  As luck would have it, Kirstin and I work for the same employer, and we're both decorating nuts.  She tipped me off to Horchow, where I got Trojan, and last week she invited me to a new home decor sample sale site, Joss & Main, where we both went wild scooping up lamps at ferocious prices.

Quick break, nab your invite to Joss & Main here: http://www.jossandmain.com/store/myinvite/jzd.

Joss & Main

Break done!  In my first Joss & Main awesome shopping experience, I rolled away with:

Two White Lamps w/ Black Shades - $138
Destination: Living Room or Hallway!

White Gloss Lamp w/ White Shade - $94
Destination: Office or Master Bedroom

Black Lamp w/ Off-White Shade -  $86
Desination: Hallway or Living Room

If you can believe this, before I ordered these lamps and three arrived today, ahh, we did not have one lamp in this apartment, for eight months.  We were lamptrampless.  And now, let there be light.

I'm still laid up on the couch, but when Aaron gets home he'll be moving those double lamps into the bedroom, even though those won't be their final destination, but my my, we need temp lamps in there pronto.

Stay tuned for some follow up pictures when the lamps are out of their boxes, and a special thanks to Kirstin for the tip off!