Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am sleeping on a cot in Lonny's offices. Shh.

Of all design resources, I reserve a special affection for Lonny Magazine.  I was still reeling from the death of Domino, when from its ashes came this new thing, this online magazine with links to where buy that ferocious lamp, or how to get in touch with that designer whose been missing from your life since birth, Ron Marvin.  In their newly-released May/June issue, Lonny did an exposé on their office re-design, which was jaw-dropping, and is only missing the crucial detail of a bedroom, for me.

I have visions of sleeping on a cot by the mirror, unnoticed, undisturbed in my bliss.

I own that table! It is our West Elm desk.

I own that table too! It is our Ikea dining table.

That bookcase belongs in our office, obvi.

Chocolate.  Omg omg omg.

I believe I just found the rug for our front hall.

Hanukkah List Part 1

Hanukkah List Part 2

I feel like they've embodied my current life-stage design philosophy, which is: splurge on the accessories and one piece of furniture in the room, and fill out the rest with minimalist furniture from Ikea and West Elm's parsons collection.  It will look like you splurged on everything.