Monday, May 16, 2011

The Habitat Shop

I'll set the stage by saying that we are in Chelsea, we've just finished a window-shopping tour of the Chelsea Garage Flea Market, our feet are dazzling / blistering in new Tory Burch flats, and we've applied first aid, so we're able to hobble off to our next adventure: West Elm!

West Elm is at 112 W18th St., which sounds easy to find, since this neighborhood is neatly organized as a numerical grid.  Instead I was on 19th St., and in my quest to find out what was going on, I was distracted by many wonderfully patterned pillows.  Hrrm.  What is this? The Habitat Shop.  I sauntered in.

And here is where I show off my coding skillz, embedding a map so that you too might find The Habitat Shop.  Ooo.

Fun.  Anyway, inside I'm immediately greeted with this gem.

Don Draper, take a seat.

I bent down to check the tag, which was sure to be thousands, oh these little boutiques.

Woah.  $795?  And it's about to get better.  All the furniture in the store is an additional 15% off, so this little puggle is actually $695, plus free shipping, which is unheard of.  I'm now at full attention; browsing has escalated into shopping.

Next I come across the glass coffee table!

Oh I adore you.

Another glamour shot.

What do I mean by "the glass coffee table"? Williams Sonoma Home used to make two similar versions of this table, a round one and a square one.  It's a Ron staple.

Almost the same coffee table.
Credit: Ron Marvin - Trad Home
Square version, love love.
Credit: Ron Marvin - Trad Home

More of the square version, more love love.
Credit: Ron marvin - Lonny Mag
I bent down to check out the tag situation.  The coffee table and two matching side tables are $495 together, plus 15% off, for $420, or $140 a table.  Omg.

Side table, just as hot!

Just to compare this, Williams Sonoma is still selling an almost identical side table for twice the price, no free shipping.

Summary: At $140 a piece, I'm sold.

Owner Kenny and Associate Ryan rung me up, and posed for a blog picture.  This was fun and not awkward :)

Ryan and Kenny!

Kenny used to work for House Beautiful, then started his own store because he wanted to be able to sell great design at affordable prices.

These are a few more glamour shots of the store.

I am so glad I wandered into The Habitat Shop, which was very much worth the detour from West Elm. I'll definitely be back!