Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogger Inspiration: Young House Love

One of my favorite pastimes is cruising the inter-webs of design blogs.  I love discovering new ones, and I love coming back to my favorites (see the blog roll to the right for the mainstays).

For years, my all time favorite blog has been Young House Love.  Sherry and John Petersik write the blog as their full time gig, building, renovating and revamping everything in their house to the delight of their readers.

Of the many things I adore about Young House Love, these are my top loved features:
So without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, meet the Petersiks!

John and Sherry, the cuteness.

This photo was swiped from their post on their wedding, which I've read countless times, and after far too long realized I knew Sherry's brother, Dan Treitler, who appears to be doing a reading below.

Hi Dan!

I realize this is a wee bit lame, but after following what I thought was a random blog for so long, discovering I had a personal connection to the Petersiks was all too thrilling, and bumped Young House Love up on my bookmark speed-dial, from a folder to the coveted bookmark bar!

I also need to introduce their daughter Clara, the beanette, who redefines cuteness in a white onesie.

Clara, debuting her new John-designed Clara fabric for her first birthday photo shoot!

The addition of the bean to the blog (and I suppose to the family) took the breadth of Petersik advice to new levels, well beyond painting and varnishing.  I've spent a little too much time reading the merits of cloth dipers post, which I find fascinating. Don't judge.

Young House Love was also, hands down, the inspiration for One Brooklyn Modern.  When we bought the apartment, I never had grand plans for a blog.  I wish I had, so there would be better 'before' pictures.  After the wedding, it just seemed right; I love reading design blogs, and at long last I had a home where I could install sconces and wallpaper. Without a wedding to plan, this blog has become my creative outlet.

Getting started, I took a few pieces of inspiration from their set up, which should evolve as I find time to make more pages.

We have 'Blog' and 'The Story of Our Wedding'.  Next Up: 'House Tour'!

To immerse you in the love, I'll start you out with a few of my favorite Young House Love projects.

I'll sign off with a huge thank you to Sherry, John, Clara and Burger (their dog) for the hours of hilarity, creativity, general adorableness and inspiration.  Cheers to an amazing family :)