Friday, January 3, 2014

Obsessed: Hudson Valley Renovation

Prior to reading this, you'll need to gather a towel and a checkbook; the towel is for the drool and tears, the checkbook is for buying your own little gem in the Hudson Valley for $140,000, and renovating it for $30,000, as the genii Robert Highsmith and Stefanie Brechbuehler did.

First, I want to give credit to the New York Times for unearthing this treasure and bringing it to my attention (full article), and to Jane Beiles, the photographer.

Ok, great, buckle up, we're going upstate.  I've packed allergy medication and a space suit, in case my aversion to nature should flare up.

Oh, what is that gorgeous little cottage in the distance...

Beds were a family heirloom, art was drawn by a guest! 
Fun Facts:

  • The owners also run the Brooklyn design firm Workstead, which is worthy of another post entirely!
  • The house was originally built in the 1850's, which is frightening, but apparently a fresh coat of white paint fixes everything!

Paul McCobb chairs found at antique store for $30 (are you sobbing into your towel?) and a desk made from stock pieces at Lowe's, genius!

Antique daybed, bought for $25, and painted.  I die.

Another antique bed, picked up for $300 -- posters cut down to size.  I die again.

"Wide plank pine floors with square nail-heads were revealed in the renovation" - NYT

Of course they were.

Lamp: $20.  Me, getting over my fear of thrift stores: rapidly.

Sofa is IKEA with new legs from Lowe's -- more genius.  Also, I love that art.

Croquet set, yes please.

To keep costs down, the kitchen was mostly kept intact, with a few new appliances.  Adorable results.

Al fresco, anyone?

My obsession for this is threefold.  One, the owners own a design firm in Brooklyn, and as such, they are my people.  Two, the decor of the home is incredible: modern, minimalist, and completely sympathetic to the antique roots of the place.  Three, can we mention again that this vacation home cost $140,000 and the renovation cost $30,000? I realize these are not small figures, but I have seen parking spaces in New York run more than that.  So impressed with what they've done here. Cheers!